Monday, April 20, 2009


Life On 16th Avenue is about my life in Barb's house. Barb is in the Peace Corps and I'm renting her lovely house on 16th Avenue while she's away. I live there with my daughter, Jocelyn, and my sons live about five blocks away with their dad. Life on 16th is good.

I found out about Barb's house being available from Craigs List. I was looking to move out of my housemate situation and down to the SouthSide of town. I loved the pictures she had of the house and so I contacted her. Her name was familiar, but I couldn't place it. I met up with her and then it hit me.....I knew who she was, where she had worked. Furthermore I knew her house.

Years ago, while I was married, I worked for what was then Lutheran Brotherhood. I took the bus most days and rode with Sharon and Mo. Barb had bought Mo's house when Mo had retired. Sharon and her husband John still lived next door. Small world.

Barb is off to the Ukraine for 2.25 years. I'm finishing up raising my daughter over the same time period. We live in two totally separate worlds, but share an address.

This is my blog.

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