Sunday, May 17, 2009

First BIG party

I've had a few "gatherings" - when Jeff came from Colorado last month. Girls Game Night (twice) but yesterday was the first BIG party.

It was for Jim's 50th birthday (birthday boy pictured above). Jim is my ex-husband. His sister, Bette (aka BJ or "The Beeej") and I are close friends. She wanted to throw him a surprise party and so we planned it for the first Saturday after the actual date (which was 13 may).

Here are the pics taken by Jocelyn, Ian, Soren and Charles...


We set up the Tiki Bar in the garage because it was SOOOOO WINDY on the deck.

People still hung out on the deck even if it was windy.

Jim's Cake!

Ian and Teddy

The first fire in the back yard

Chiminea furnace!

Winding down in the living room.